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Mike Fishbein questions the startup studio model in his blog.

The author is a specialist in personal development and publishes articles on his blog He has experience with the traditional VC model as he collaborates with several VC-backed startups on marketing issues.

This article by Mike Fishbein dresses the pros and cons of the startup studio model of entrepreneurship. He explores a series of risks and opportunities, and discusses many aspects related to the venture life, from team work to fundraising.

The article is generally balanced and reasonably well informed by VC-minded people, especially for an auhor who is primarly a writer, marketer and personal development specialist — not a venture entrepreneur himself. However his conclusion appears to fast jump to an overall sceptical view about the studio model. The article is not dated, it will be interesting to see how his opinion evolves as he gains experience with studios in the future.

Read the article here.