adVentures is a startup studio building future leaders on global niche markets.
We create each venture with passionate, talented people.

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Global Market Niches

Our strategic mindset stresses the value of agility and creativity and is at the heart of all our initiatives. We spot early, or even create new global market niches that leverage technology.

A Unique Talent Pool

adVentures attracts talents from diverse business and scientific horizons, with a common mindset : global perspective, agility, hard work, high ethical standards, teamwork, willingness to make impactful contributions.

Building sustainable value

We manage our portfolio to create sustainable value, and mitigate the risks. Each venture is grown along specific value creation drivers and indicators. And each venture is expected to contribute to the common good.

Teamwork integrated solution

Genetic engineering deeptech

Know-how     marketplace

Art Collections sharing platform

Antoine Duboscq

Antoine Duboscq

Founder of adVentures Studio

  • adVentures is owned and driven by Antoine Duboscq, a serial-entrepreneur.
  • Antoine has a dual track in business strategy and entrepreneurship. He was a pioneer of the studio model.
  • He worked for Procter & Gambleand the Boston Consulting Group in London and Paris. In 2000, he cofounded Wappup and won a landmark legal fight against the telecom industry, leading to the European mobile internetopening up to competition.
  • In 2001 he could save the startup from the 2001 crackdown, and pivoted to create the strategy consulting firm WMI. From 2001 to 2010, with his team Antoine designed agile value-creation strategies for investors, CEOs and executives from diverse organizations such as Adidas, Siemens, Paris-Saint-Germain, Sodexo and the Women’s Forum.
  • In 2010 Antoine reinvested his gains and created adVentures. This was the first studio model in France and one of the first ones globally. Antoine and his pool of talents progressively built a portfolio of startups in the areas of collaboration software, genetic engineering, know-how and art collections.



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