We breed startups that create value,
ultimately contributing to the common good.

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At adVentures, we breed innovative startups that create value, ultimately contributing to the common good.

We create ventures that enable efficiency and collaboration on a global scale. By combining technologies and entrepreneurial talents, we strive to overcome unanswered challenges.

We pioneer by taking calculated risks, leveraging technology whether that be digital, AI or genetics. And when appropriate, our scientists and engineers go beyond the frontiers. Our model favours frugal innovation and synergies across the portfolio.

We believe small teams make the boldest changes. We’ve built our studio as a learning organization, nurturing individuals, growing together as entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is a craft, not a gamble.

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Antoine Duboscq
CEO adVentures Startup Studio

Teamwork solution

Genetic engineering deeptech

Know-how marketplace

Art Collections sharing platform

Global Market Niches

Our strategic mindset stresses the value of agility and creativity and is at the heart of all our initiatives. We spot early, or even create new global market niches that leverage technology.

A Unique Talent Pool

adVentures attracts talents from diverse business and scientific horizons, with a common mindset : global perspective, agility, hard work, high ethical standards, teamwork, willingness to make impactful contributions.

Building sustainable value

We manage our portfolio to create sustainable value, and mitigate the risks. Each venture is grown along specific value creation drivers and indicators. And each venture is expected to contribute to the common good.

Latest News

adVenturesGEG TechNewsWimi
April 10, 2021

Our Stand on Technological Sovereignty

adVentures' founder, Antoine Duboscq, brings forward in an opinion piece in "Le Figaro", a geopolitical vision on France's and Europe's role in a tri-partite equilibrium between the United States and…
GEG TechNews
April 2, 2021

GEG-Tech raises 1M€ from Private Investors

Our genetic engineering biotech closed a fundraising of 1M€ from private investors. GEG-Tech is a highly disruptive firm in the field of genetic engineering and develops a technological platform with…
Eloquens.com's LogoEloquensNews
January 15, 2021

Eloquens.com achieves 42% revenue growth in 2020

Our know-how sharing platform, Eloquens.com has had a 42% surge of its revenues in 2020, mainly in the USA, thanks to its business model and innovative position. New features also…
September 29, 2020

Wimi Passes Decisive Milestone towards French “Sec Num Cloud” Qualification

Wimi, our team collaboration SaaS software has passed a decisive milestone towards the French "Sec Num Cloud" qualification, obtaining its official J0.. "Sec Num Cloud" is the highest standard granted…
GEG TechNews
August 19, 2020

GEG-TECH publishes on the scientific journal “FORTUNE JOURNAL”

We would like to congratulate Léa Monet and Nicolas Granchamp for their article on "The Emergence of the Next-Generation Vaccines" published in the scientific journal "FORTUNE JOURNAL" (Archives of Clinical…
adVenturesEloquensGEG TechNewsWimi
April 17, 2020

Our COVID-19 Crisis Related Initiatives

Discover how our portfolio companies are contributing in the times of the COVID-19 crisis.
GEG TechNews
March 3, 2020

GEG-Tech Signs Distribution Agreement with Tebu-Bio

GEG-tech’s agreement with tebu-bio expands the distribution of advanced vectorisation systems & tools, designed by GEG-tech (genetic engineering lab) into the European Market. GEG-tech, the technology leader in advanced lentiviral…
Le Modèle des Venture StudioadVenturesNews
February 26, 2020

Publication on the Venture Studio Model

adVentures' Founder Antoine Duboscq, publishes an article on the promising studio model, and illustrates the organisational model with an analogy with the emergence of film studios. The articles provides insights…

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