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We breed startups that create value,
ultimately contributing to the common good.

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At adVentures, we breed innovative startups that create value, ultimately contributing to the common good.

We create ventures that enable efficiency and collaboration on a global scale. By combining technologies and entrepreneurial talents, we strive to overcome unanswered challenges.

We pioneer by taking calculated risks, leveraging technology whether that be digital, AI or genetics. And when appropriate, our scientists and engineers go beyond the frontiers. Our model favours frugal innovation and synergies across the portfolio.

We believe small teams make the boldest changes. We’ve built our studio as a learning organization, nurturing individuals, growing together as entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is a craft, not a gamble.

Antoine Duboscq Picture

Antoine Duboscq
CEO adVentures Startup Studio

Teamwork solution

Genetic engineering deeptech

Know-how marketplace

Art Collections sharing platform

Biosphere Venture Studio

Global Market Niches

Our strategic mindset stresses the value of agility and creativity and is at the heart of all our initiatives. We spot early, or even create new global market niches that leverage technology.

A Unique Talent Pool

adVentures attracts talents from diverse business and scientific horizons, with a common mindset : global perspective, agility, hard work, high ethical standards, teamwork, willingness to make impactful contributions.

Building sustainable value

We manage our portfolio to create sustainable value, and mitigate the risks. Each venture is grown along specific value creation drivers and indicators. And each venture is expected to contribute to the common good.

Latest News

NewsGEG Tech
March 27, 2024

GEG-Tech publishes new patents

GEG Tech has recently published a set of patents broading its existing IP about its biological mRNA nanoparticle, in the field of vaccination, genome editing for gene therapy and dermatology.
March 25, 2024

Wimi joins Hexatrust association

Wimi, our collaborative suite, joins HEXATRUST, the Grouping of French and European Champions in Cybersecurity and Trusted Cloud.
February 26, 2024

AdVentures in EU Startup Studio Mapping

adVentures is proud to be mentioned in Hexa's EU Startup Studio Mapping.
January 10, 2024

BXVentures launches DeepTech Venture “Fex Energy” with McGill University

We are thrilled that BxV unveils FeX Energy, a clean tech spinoff developed through their partnership with McGill University.'s LogoNewsEloquens
November 15, 2023

The launch of the new Eloquens Advertising Program!

Our portfolio company "Eloquens", the global marketplace for professional practices, has recently launched a new Advertising Program - empowering brands to enhance their presence and expand their visibility.
Wimi Armoured LogoNewsWimi
November 10, 2023

Thalès & Wimi launch Restricted Distribution Collaborative Suite “Wimi Armoured DR”

Thales and Wimi launched yesterday the "Wimi Armoured DR" (Restricted Distribution) offering, within the IaaS Cloud DR TrustNet R-Suite
October 19, 2023

BXVentures launches DeepTech Venture “Thermo Power Systems” with UCLouvain

BXVentures in partnership with the Belgian university UCLouvain is proud to announce the launch of Thermo Power Systems, a new climate tech startup.
June 17, 2023

Wimi is awarded the sovereign and secure collaborative suite winner of French Tech 2030 !

The French Finance Ministry has officially announced a strategic grant to Wimi, as part of its efforts to develop digital sovereignty.

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