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Create and breed global market niche leaders

We envision future global niches, inspire teams, leverage technologies, exploit synergies across our portfolio to build extraordinary companies.

Who we are

By combining technologies and entrepreneurial talents, we strive to overcome unanswered challenges. We operate under a startup studio business model to breed our portfolio of future global market niche leaders.


We work in close collaboration, and sometimes we hire, scientists and engineering experts in cutting-edge fields such as genetic engineering, life sciences, artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Rubik's cube

To achieve our ambitious success rates, we implement a ‘Rubik’s cube’ agile method: we explore the best routes with frequent questioning and changes in business parameters.


The studio selects and mixes young, high-potential talents with experts and seasoned entrepreneurs. We actively develop and challenge our talent pool, the vital asset of our group.

We believe small teams make the boldest changes.

Teamwork integrated solution

Genetic engineering deeptech

Know-how     marketplace

Art Collections sharing platform

Biosphere Venture Studio

Education Training Centre

Our values

Contributing to the common good

We are proud of each of our ventures. Achievements and outstanding potential are not enough. We require each venture to contribute in some way to the common good.

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Our mission

Building global niche leaders

We exclusively seek leadership positions into a global market niches. Me-Too strategies, local businesses, and established market segments are outside our scope. Our first talent is to act as visionary entrepreneurs and pre-empt great market opportunities.

Our strategy consultancy, WMI, design agile strategies to boost shareholder value.

Corporate Business Strategy

We help decision-makers to redesign their business strategy. Businesses are under increasing pressure as uncertainties mount. Conventional strategies are not enough. Successful boards and executives redesign their business models with more creative, entrepreneurial and agile strategies.

Corporate startup studios and innovation strategy

We help corporations in the design of their innovation strategy. We also offer to contribute to launching and running corporate startup studios.

Working with Us