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We recently spoke to Lillian Wilcox, our intern from King’s College London who worked at Eloquens last year. Like many of our interns Lillian studied a 4-year bachelor’s degree with the third year being an exchange/placement year abroad in a French speaking country and so began Lillian’s adventure at adVentures Studio.


Lillian worked for us in the second half of 2022 as Eloquen’s Marketing and Social Media Intern. She recently came back to the office and when asked about what she did for adVenture Studio and how she felt professionally when she first arrived, she explained:

“ I worked for one of their portfolio companies, Eloquens, doing both Admin and marketing tasks as an intern. In detail, I focused mainly on inbound marketing strategies, in particular with social media outreach as well as creating other content such as blogposts. In addition to this, I conducted email marketing schemes and helped to improve consumer trust by nurturing relationships with our best clients. As platform manager I helped manage the day to day activities of the Eloquens Platform and oversaw a major platform update. My favourite part had to be doing the social media outreach but I learnt a lot about the technical side of things during the update. However, what really made my day was the relationship I had with the authors, it felt great to support their academic work!”


And where do you think this will lead you?

Currently I am doing a student exchange at ESSEC business school and then continuing my studies at King’s London next year. My time at adVentures gave me a great sense of direction and helped me understand where I wanted to be in the future professionally. My motivation for this internship was to do something that felt more hands on than studying, I now know for certain that I would like to work in social media and marketing, building strong professional relations to help grow a business. It may seem simple but to have my first experience working full time for a significant period of time gave me a clearer picture of the structure of my life I will have after I graduate and how I would like that to work for me.”

Lillian’s words to live by:

“Life without risk is a riskier life”

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Why did you want to work for adVentures? What did you like about the company?

“I had previously worked for a start-up so I knew the benefits of more freedom and responsibility came with the culture. I also knew my ideas would be welcomed and supported. In researching the company, the team seemed dynamic, which is not surprising when reading about adVentures fresh approach to business. It seemed like a unique opportunity to see multiple businesses grow and to make an effective impact, rather than to just be a small cog in a huge machine”

What part of your job did you enjoy the most?

“Definitely the interactions I got to have with the Eloquen’s Authors, a hardworking and interesting group of entrepreneurs who forged their own way. I found it inspiring and I relished the opportunity to work with out-of-the-box thinkers!”

What was the biggest takeaway from your time here?

“As mentioned, it was certainly understanding the structure of work and how to operate in a professional environment. Converting what I learnt in my studies to real life practice, as a business student was really cool. I also undoubtedly learnt a lot from living in Paris, navigating a foreign city and language was at times challenging but very rewarding when things worked out.”

In 3 words, Lillian described her internship as innovative, fun, and inspiring.

Thank you so much for this insight today Lillian, do you have any final words to the team?

“Firstly, a huge thank you to our managing director Tim, your guidance was greatly appreciated! Your trust in my abilities really helped to my develop my professional confidence. And to the rest of the team at adVentures, thank you for your kindness despite my lack of French! I wish you all the best and good luck for the business year ahead. Also if any prospective interns would like any more information, message me on LinkedIn!”