Impact investing

Do we contribute to the common good?

We believe impact investing and high returns are fully compatible, especially when building technology-driven ventures. To select amongst the many business opportunities we discover along the route, one of our key criteria is the social impact.

Selecting business opportunities offering a substantial, positive impact actually helps to reach our ambitious financial performance targets. Impact helps attracting and retaining talents, energizes our teams and contributed attracting partners and investors.

Beyond the selection of business opportunities, we believe it’s a good practice to regularly ask ourselves: do we contribute to the common good?

Teamwork integrated solution

Empower your team

Working as a team on a project is, in theory, the most powerful way to accumulate diverse contributions, combine knowledge et achieve ambitious goals. However, experienced managers know well that team commitment and productivity tends to decrease, and sometimes even falls down as the team size grows.

Our vision

Productive and fluid teamwork, even for projects embarking people with diverse profiles and roles or located in distant places.

Our mission

Make the vision happen, with the Wimi teamwork solution. We constantly improve the solution with our clients and users from large groups, startups, government agencies, NGOs…

Know-how marketplace

The best know-how becomes readily accessible.

Millions of business and engineering professionals around the globe design and use know-how to perform their job : methods, check-lists, models, templates, frameworks… A minority of those professionals become real experts and produce superior know-how contents.

Our vision

Any professional in the world has an instant access to the best know-how in his field.

Our mission

Make the vision happen - with's marketplace. Eloquens has already become the leading platform for financial models, strategy methods & marketing, with contents from 900+ international experts a registered user-base of 35,000 users (growing 20% per month), and is expanding into other fields such as engineering & soft skills…

Genetic engineering deeptech

Genetic Engineering to save lives

The health industry faces global challenges: traditional research struggles to produce innovative drugs, as clinical trials success rates remain low (96% failure rate in cancer area). Genetic engineering is complex and delicate but opens-up new, breakthrough avenues to improve and save lives.

Our vision

Contribute to design breakthrough safe treatments, notably for cancer.

Our mission

Design and deploy cutting-edge gene transfer technologies for life science R&D. Our clients are advanced laboratories, biotechs and pharma groups in the US, Switzerland and EU.

Art Collections sharing platform

Art becomes a common good

Art is not a banal asset class. Private collectors are fully entitled to own and preserve their art collections. However art also belongs in some way to mankind, an can’t anymore remain hidden. Today, more than 99% of private art collections, whether owned by corporations, families or individuals, is hidden, ie not freely accessible on-line.

Our vision

Art from private collections will become universally accessible on-line. Anyone wishing to discover, enjoy or study art pieces from private collections should be able to do so easily and for free.

Our mission

Make the vision happen, with platform. Art collections on Uart come from a diversity of sources: hotels, corporations, foundations, airports, museums, universities…