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Inspiration on studios and entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a craft, not a gamble.
Therefore we’ve built adVentures as a learning organization. 
We learn firstly from our experience, with our startup failures and successes. We also learn from other startups, from a variety of scientific and business studies on entrepreneurship success and fail factors, and from academic research on entrepreneurship.
Following the learning curve in entrepreneurship is a passionating, never ending journey. It leads to increased probabilities of success, lower consumption of resources, higher returns, and greater satisfaction for people, investors and stakeholders.


“Effectuation is a logic of thinking, discovered through scientific research, used by expert entrepreneurs to build successful ventures”

Definition of Effectuation

Entrepreneurial Effectuation: A Review and Suggestions for Future Research

Society for Effectual Action

The Lemonade Principle

Causation and Effectuation

Effectuation in The Management of Knightian Uncertainty

(In French) 5 Key Rules of Effectuation

The Knowledge Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship as a Craft

Expert entrepreneurs have higher odds of success and behave differently than novice entrepreneurs.

Academy of Management

Expert Vs Novice Entrepreneurs

How Expert Entrepreneurs Think

The Rise of Entrepreneurial Thinking

Frugal Innovation

“Frugal innovation is more than a strategy. It denotes a new frame of mind. (HBR, below)”

What Frugal Innovators Do

What is Frugal Innovation? 3 defining criteria

Definition of Frugal Innovation

The Genius of Frugal Innovation


“Jugaad requires the innovator or entrepreneur to adapt quickly to often unforeseen situations and uncertain circumstances in an intelligent way (F.T.)”

Definition of Jugaad

Why the West needs Jugaad Creativity

(In French) The Jugaad Management Principles

Innovate faster, cheaper, better

Unconventional Strategies

“Standard strategies are becoming less effective. We spot alternative, unconventional strategies. Powerful when appropriately executed.”

(In French) Creating a Business with a CEO…is doable! Antoine Duboscq adVentures Founder

Many Strategies Fail Because They Are Not Actually Strategies

The Rise of Entrepreneurial Thinking

Do Entrepreneurs Need A Strategy?