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We recently spoke to Patrycja Cybinska – a University of Manchester Business management and French graduate who worked across multiple of our portfolio companies.  Like many of our interns Patrycja studied a 4-year bachelor’s degree with the third year being an exchange/placement year abroad in a French speaking country. So after studying 6 months in Canada as an exchange student, she moved to Paris to start her adventure with adVentures Studio.

Patrycja worked for us between 2020-21, she recently came back to the office and when asked about what she did for AdVenture Studio and how she felt professionally when she first arrived, she explained:

“At the time, my professional interests were very broad – I wanted to get to know more about real life business operations, entrepreneurship, marketing, strategy and more. I hoped that the the adVentures studio would help me explore all these areas.

I joined the team as an International Business Development Intern, then I worked as an Author Manager at Eloquens, English-French Translator at Wimi and, eventually, as a Project Manager at Uart.”

And where has this led you now?

“Currently, I am working at Thomson Reuters in London as project manager and conference producer, creating and managing events for the Reuters media agency. I am part of the Reuters Global Leadership Series team, working primarily on Reuters NEXT, the global leadership summit for world leaders taking place in New York.”

Patrycja’s words to live by:

“Making ideas happen” inspired by the book by Scott Belsky “Making ideas happen: Overcoming the Obstacles between Vision and Reality”

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Why did you want to work for adventures? What did you like about the company?

“I wanted to experience some entrepreneurial spirit and better understand ventures in their early stages. I have always been fascinated by the incubation period in business’ lives and wanted to experience it first-hand. I was also deeply interested in business strategy and marketing, and I believed that adVentures would allow me to focus on these areas.”

What part of your job did you enjoy the most?

“I loved my experience with adVentures and the team. Tasks very varied and engaging, and I enjoyed almost all of them! Client facing exercises, such as consulting calls with Eloquens clients, were among my favourites. I really liked strategizing together with the client to make the most of the platform and create more revenue, both for them as individuals and for us as a business behind it.

Since I’m very creative by nature, I also enjoyed content creation – blog posts, website copies, emails, and newsletters – I loved it all.

What was the biggest takeaway from your time here?

“Working at adVentures increased my ability to overcome problems and become even more solution oriented. This is definitely a key skill that I am profiting from now. I also further developed my time management skills, which became imperative at my current job. My time with the adventures team also nurtured my open attitude and willingness to take risks – I learnt to be bolder with my business decisions and embrace the smart business risk and innovation”

In 3 words, Patrycja would describe her internship as dynamic, inspiring and fun.

Thank you so much for this insight today Patrycja, do you have any final words to the team?

“To the current team:  Keep up the good work! The team spirit was great when I worked with you, hold onto that too!

To the new team members: Embrace the challenge and be open! Optimism is key in a start-up environment!”