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Les Echos Entrepreneurs (in French) published this article written by Nicolas Pauline (2015) about Efounders startup studio.

Created in 2011, eFounders is one of the first studios in France, following adVentures. eFounders was launched by Fotolia founders who sold in 2014 their company to Adobe for $800 in cash. eFounders specializes in B2B and sotfware (SaaS).

The original business model, as illustrated in the article, was offering a 50% share to 2 external co-founders for each startup, and eFounders was ready to invest between 300.000 and 600.000 euros in seed money. The development of each venture has to be quite fast : each startup is required to become autonomous in 2 years.

By 2015, eFounders had launched 5 startups. To date they have launched 13 startups (February 2018), so the average production rate is around 4 per year. It is worth noting that eFounders business model has changed since then — it would be interesting to see an article explaining why and how eFounders decided to pivot after 2016. They’re now a significant player in the French tech scene.

Read the article here