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Ninon Renaud, by Les Echos talks about FinLeap, a startup studio specializing in fintechs.

The author, Ninon Renaud from Les Echos, explains the model of FinLeap studio and interviews Ramin Niroumand, co-founder of FinLeap.

Niroumand believes 3 key success factors are required to be successful in the ecosystem of fintech’s startup :

  • An entrepreneurial culture
  • Financial expertise
  • Mastering of technology

The startup studio system is designed, according to FinLeap, to industrialize the launch of startups and bring these 3 success factors.

FinLeap has been founded by the Berlin-based incubator HitFox Group, a specialist in on-line advertising and big data. FinLeap plans to invest between 0.5 and 5 million euros per venture.

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