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📣 🗞️ Discover the article “Cybercrime: The End of Digital Carelessness” 🔒 in the CRSI – Centre de Réflexion sur la Sécurité Intérieure‘s (Security Think Tank) internal security newsletter, co-authored by the President of Wimi, Antoine DUBOSCQ, and the Chief of Staff, Timothée Demoures.

Abstract: “After a decade of continuous intensification of cybercrime, the sophistication of attacks coupled with the widespread use of digital technologies raises fears of a brutal acceleration of the phenomenon. The imminence of the Olympics, a unique global event, focuses the attention of many actors. In this context, the authors present an overview of the threats and countermeasures, illustrated by striking examples. The article deciphers the profiles and motivations of the attackers. The authors advocate for training decision-makers and for a global security strategy based on both centralized and decentralized defensive strategies to preserve digital technology as a vector of growth, sovereignty, and freedom.”


  1. The Attacks
  2. The Attackers
  3. Impacts of AI
  4. The Countermeasures
  5. Centralization vs. Decentralization of Response
  6. Economic Warfare Issues (Patriot Act, FISA Section 702, Cloud Act…)

This publication highlights the commitment of Adventures and Wimi to issues of security and digital sovereignty.

📥 You can read the article (12 pages) and the entire dossier (98 pages) below 👇