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We recently spoke with Francesca Longhurst, our intern from Durham University who worked for both Eloquens and Wimi throughout her year internship with AdVentures.


Francesca studies French and Philosophy at the University of Durham and worked for AdVentures in 2021-22. She began her internship as as the Marketing and Author Relations Officer at Eloquens, and then at the beginning of 2022 moved onto become a Business Developer at Wimi. After graduating from Durham next year, Francesca plans to use the skills she gathered at AdVentures to complete a law conversion to pursue a career as a commercial solicitor.

Francesca’s motto: Live everyday like it’s your last!

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When asked why she wanted to work for AdVentures, Francesca explained how she wanted to find an internship which genuinely treated their interns as investments.


“I wanted to get experience in the professional world and I thought the opportunity of getting to work for two different companies at the same time would be a great way to try different things and gain experience doing a multitude of different tasks. Working for a start-up studio for different startups means that you can get to try different tasks from marketing to client relations and strategy, and are given responsibility from the get-go.”


“I found that I really enjoyed dealing one-on-one with clients, and I feel as though I was really able to lead my internship in the direction that I felt I could provide the most value.”

From the very first interview, I felt a sense of the inclusive, supportive atmosphere that AdVentures is proud to uphold, and that is something that really came to make my experience there.”

When asked what her biggest takeaway was from her time at AdVentures, Francesca explained how it changed her outlook on what she wants to do in the future. “It’s obvious that everyone at AdVentures is truly passionate and excited by their work. It’s rare to see. I felt the same way and I think the fact that everyday for me there was different was a largely contributing factor to that. Working for a start-up studio meant that I had more responsibility and was able to complete tasks in different ares; from marketing, strategy, sales and client relationships.”


She also admitted that it has in fact changed what she wants to do after graduating university. “It taught me the importance of choosing company values and culture over the size of a company. That’s something I will value for the rest of my life.”

In 3 words, Francesca would describe her internship as dynamic, lively and formative.

I had a great time working for AdVentures and I can’t thank all the team enough for that experience!