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Curious about interning in a startup studio? 🤔

Meet one of our previous interns and find out what it’s like! 

We caught up with John Finlay to chat about his experience working with us at adVentures Startup studio in 2018/2019.

John, a Graduate from the University of Exeter with a BA in Politics and French🎓, is an avid sports fan and usually fills his time watching or playing sports⚽, but thanks to the current COVID-19 crisis, his hobby has been put on hold. He was kind enough to relive some of his memories✨and tell us of his experiences here at adVentures Startup Studio.

An internship at adVentures Startup Studio in three words: VALUABLE, VARIED AND EXCITING!

What was your main objective while applying for an internship at adVentures? What were you looking to learn?

One of the main objectives I had was finding a company where I could learn about a range of different areas in the business world. My degree hadn’t really provided much opportunity for developing my commercial skill set, so I wanted to use my year abroad to do so. Specifically, I was eager to explore the field of marketing and business strategy, both of which were offered by adVentures’ internship programme.

Did you reach your learning goals? What skills did you develop while working with us? How will they benefit your further career?

I went from having next to no knowledge in marketing to being given autonomy on various marketing campaigns, content strategy, and even the opportunity to attend meetings regarding the broader strategy of the startup studio and its individual startups. I’m now in a position where I know that I want to go into marketing and strategy after my degree, something I hadn’t considered beforehand, and that’s thanks to my time with the company and its employees.

I was offered so much guidance and opportunity during my year at adVentures, allowing me to develop so many new skills commercially. 📝

What were your responsibilities while interning at adVentures and how did you find them?

I was mainly involved with producing content for e-commerce startup I’d help to formulate and implement marketing strategies in order to try and help grow the number of site users. I’d also help to deal with any problems customers had on the site. Aside from Eloquens, I was involved in helping the other startups in a variety of different tasks ranging from translation, strategy, to other forms of customer service and business development. It was extremely varied and made the internship interesting!

Time for the work environment rating! 😉 What can you tell us about atmosphere at work?

The atmosphere inside the office is great, there’s such a diverse range of talents due to the demands of each startup. This means there’s a lot of opportunities to seek the expertise of colleagues and managers. The studio is great for learning and ideal for someone looking to learn more about business.

My advice to future interns is to take the time to get to know people in the office! There’s so much to learn and so many people willing to help you out so make the most of them😊

When asked how his career path is going right now, John shared that he’ll be joining media and telecommunications company Sky on their Business Strategy graduate scheme in the Autumn which lasts for two years. He also added: I’d like to continue working in strategy and marketing after having had a taste for it during my time at adVentures. 

I had a great time at adVentures and learnt so much, I can’t recommend it enough, so thank you to Tim, Antoine and the team!

Thanks for your time with us here at adVentures, John. 😁 We are so glad to hear your fond memories and positive experiences during your internship and we wish you all the best for your future!