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Our portfolio of companies is strongly involved in helping our clients find the best means of leading their businesses in the current challenging times of the COVID-19 crisis.

At adVentures, we are contributing by engaging with various initiatives which involve cooperation with different segments of the economy.

Wimi has been at the forefront of the battle to raise French media and government attention to the need that civil servants have been experiencing, namely a switch to the remote work. As it turned out in the early days of the crisis, the public service was not ready for the remote work revolution, especially in terms of digital sovereignty and cyber-security. The abrupt changes in the work model required taking urgent and well targeted actions to ensure the continued efficiency of the state.

Wimi & the DINUM (Direction Interministerielle du Numérique)  have managed to address the main challenges (data security and the multitude of functionalities integrated in one solution) faced by civil servants and prepare a secure platform enabling instant messaging, videoconferences, file sharing as well as task and project management tools : Plano. Ministry Officials and other state workers can sign up to the platform via the governmental website in order to get free access to the solution during the crisis.

Wimi’s initiative also succeeded in raising media discussions on the topics of data sovereignty and the urgent need for a further development of independent, Europe based, solutions that support the economic activity of key players such as governments and public companies.

Eloquens has created two dedicated  categories ( COVID-19 and Crisis Management ) for professional Best Practices with the view of helping businesses to find vital solutions to issues they are facing right now. The initiative has drawn a quick and enthusiastic response from experts registered on the platform. They have put their hands on deck and decided to contribute by uploading their top-tier models, templates and strategy reports, in most cases for free, to support small businesses in the current battle for survival. Eloquens is taking charge of promoting the tools on their social media ( LinkedIn , Facebook , Twitter ) to increase their visibility and assure the availability of this valuable know-how to a wide audience.

The success of this initiative is marked by rapidly growing views and downloads from COVID-19 and Crisis Management categories as well as positive comments and gratitude expressed by Eloquens Users.

The Eloquens Team has gone one step further and prepared their own materials providing advice, tips & tricks and inspiration to rearrange private and professional life in these challenging times. They have worked on a series of How-to style guides that are now freely available on the Eloquens Team Channel, making meaningful insights into free time utilization, efficient remote working and SME business adaptations accessible to all.


GEG Tech works on innovative technologies based on advanced viral vectors with a view of bringing novel solutions to the sanitary crises and improve defense systems against similar crises in the future.