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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be

an intern in a startup studio? 👀🔍

We talked to Francesca Morelli, our intern from Queen’s University in Belfast who worked with us in 2016/2017 🔨, about her experience at adVentures.

Francesca is a 23 year old graduate from Northern Ireland 🎓. She studied International Business with French at Queen’s University, Belfast, and worked at adVentures in 2016/17 . She is now active Director in 2 of her own businesses💼; an app called ‘dip’ that is the world’s first PPC platform specifically for promotional offers. It provides vouchers and discount codes to consumers based on their live location and preferences. Francesca works as COO in this business. Her second business is called Airtight Influencers. It is Northern Ireland’s first agency dedicated exclusively to managing social media influencer activity for business promotional purposes. She works as Collaboration Manager in this business. Nine to five, Francesca advises student startups and entrepreneurs at Queen’s Students’ Union as Enterprise Support Officer.

What was your main objective while applying for an internship at adVentures? What were you looking to learn?

My main objective when applying for an internship at adVentures was to develop my business knowledge, skills, and expertise. I endeavored to gain a valuable insight into all aspects of starting up, running a business, and seeking investment.

What were your responsibilities and tasks while interning at adVentures?

My responsibilities and tasks were unlimited, to an extent. What I liked about adVentures was that I was expected to do whatever needed done, similarly to what I have been used to within a family business environment. Most tasks were fairly new to me, but always made sense within the wider context, so I was happy to take on the challenge for the benefit of the business. My main activity was growing and managing the Eloquens Author Community; a community I am proud to say has grown immensely since I moved on.

I by far surpassed all of my learning goals. I developed skills in growth hacking, business development, sales, strategy, startup culture, administrative skills, and networking.These skills have led me onto the career path I am on now, living and breathing all things startup.

What would you tell us about atmosphere at work, work ethics & company values?

There was a fantastic atmosphere of pure focus and determination in the room at all times. It was always obvious that everybody at adVentures lived and breathed their work. Their passion and drive was very inspiring. At adVentures, company values emulated from an attitude that it was okay to fail as long as you have tried, it’s important to take risks, and that you must always think big.

Do you have any memories that you’d like to share with us (memorable experiences, funny moments)? Please tell us in a few words! ☺️

Tim won’t take a break even when there is blood pouring out of his nose. The team have been known to fill the water cooler with Mojito at Christmas. Babyfoot is the ‘go-to’ when the wifi breaks down. African food is great!


Embrace the challenge. If you think something could be a good idea for the benefit of the company, try it! Speak French to your colleagues from the moment you walk in the door and don’t stop!

When asked how her career path is going right now, Francesca said that her life is very fast-paced and exciting as she grows two high-potential companies alongside a full time job. She also added: I’m mostly a day-by-day kind of person and I like to take things as they come, but I hope to grow my businesses to high revenue MNE’s! 

Thank you for your time with us, Francesca! We are happy to hear your positive words about the internship and we wish you all the best as well as every success with your future endeavors!

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