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Ladies and Gentlemen, Mesdames et Messieurs, Meine Damen und Herren…

… let us introduce you our new members of the adVentures team!
Here they have arrived – group of wonderful interns for 2020 Q1&2!
They are full of energy, with hundreds of ideas per minute and ready to face challenges that we bring to them.

As a startup studio, we find it is crucial to bring experienced specialists and young professionals together in order to achieve the highest level of creativity and agility of a business. By acting this way, we can ensure the best quality of delivered services while maintaining the young spirit and fresh view on our day to day operations.

Since adVentures is being built as a learning organization, we aim at nurturing individuals and growing together as entrepreneurs – we want to help our interns get skills that they will use throughout their further career; and we truly believe that these upcoming months will be mutually beneficial to the largest extent!

Let’s get started!

Hugh Anderson

Hugh was born in Portsmouth, then spent the next few years in Waikanae, New Zealand, before moving to Cambridge where he started his primary education. He’s currently on Erasmus year abroad from Exeter University where he’s studying Business Economics with European Study. Hugh loves playing lacrosse in his free time and he’s a creator of ‘Invest in Africa’ blog on @art_and_soul_of_africa.

Hugh really wants to experience the atmosphere and freedom that working in a startup brings. His main objective for the time of his internship at adVentures is to thrive under steep learning curves and improve his skill base in new areas.

Hugh is working mainly for where he is developing current authors to publish more content and following leads to add to Eloquens’ vast catalog of Best Practices.

Hugh in 3 words: ‘NO QUALMS MATE!’

Don’t judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again. - Nelson Mandela

Patrycja Cybinska

Patrycja is a French and Business & Management student at the University of Manchester. She was born in Poland and moved to the UK for her studies. Currently on her year abroad, got back from North America a few weeks ago and jumped into the next adventure – an internship with us.  She is a big art lover and enjoys a good mountain hike.

Patrycja wants to develop skills necessary to lead her own company in the future. She is looking to experience the startup work environment and make the most of her creativity and independent spirit. She hopes to explore new areas of business in depth and expand her skills set  by getting involved in challenging and diversified tasks.

Patrycja’s main responsibilities will include supporting Authors on their way to success with Best Practices’ publications and adding new leads to the catalogue. She is also going to work with companies looking to cooperate with us.


We are story. All of us. What comes to matter then is the creation of the best possible story we can while we're here. – Richard Wagamese

Emily Noble

Emily is a French and International Business student at the University of Leeds. She was born in Germany and then moved to the UK at the age of 2. In her spare time, she is also a blogger for a law blog focusing on current world events and commercial awareness.

When asked what she is looking to learn while being an intern at adVentures, Emily said that working here has given me a unique insight into the structure of a StartUp Studio, allowing me to have diverse roles within the various start-ups and gain a multi-faceted skill set.

She has been working in the Business Development department of Wimi for the last months, accompanying French and English prospective clients during their discovery of the platform. Her main responsibilities have been performing coaching sessions and webinars to introduce clients to the software. In the next few weeks, among other things, she is going to start a new role in the company as an intern for AdVentures, doing translations and blog posts for the various start-ups’ blogs.


If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. – Napoleon Hill

We also asked them what they would like to do later in life. Here is what they said:


EMILY: I would like to combine my passion for law and entrepreneurship. I have been considering a law conversion after my degree, specifically focusing on the law related to start-ups and new ventures. I also see myself as an entrepreneur after a successful run in a law firm, working on law tech which is a new field of interest and has much potential for development.

HUGH: I would like to be a CEO of my own company, operating largely out of West Africa.

PATRYCJA: I would like to feel that I make some serious impact on the world around me. I believe that creating connections between people and harmonious economical growth are crucial for sustainable development of societies and businesses these days. Hence, I would like to help people get the most of their potential and give them opportunities to meet each other and work together. I am thinking of opening my own developmental agency or work within the UN structures.

… and if they have any thoughts or stories that they would like to share about their first days in adVentures:


EMILY:  I’m definitely enjoying the extensive lunchtime discussions on the most random topics!

HUGH: Well… Teaching my boss that he can add emojis on a mac with ‘ctrl, cmd, spacebar’, rather than copy and pasting them individually from He had been doing this for years.

PATRYCJA: The fact that there was ginger and lemon tea (my absolute favourite) in the kitchen made my day when I first arrived! And a great warm welcome that I got. It’s been a good start!

Now, when you got to know them a little, would you be able to guess whose favourites are each of the following: “Saving Private Ryan”, “Arrival”, “Australia”? – answers to come 🙂

Welcome onboard guys! Bienvenue!