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This case study draws attention to management performance and is the product of a two-year collaboration with adVentures Studio. As the first startup studio in France, adVentures aims to develop and give value to a diversified portfolio of high potential technology ventures.

The principal conclusions of the study, presented at the Sorbonne Business School (IAE), are as follows:

– The studio’s economic management model focuses on two channels: risk control and value creation.

– The study has underlined the characteristics which are common in the world of startups (short cycles, agile methods, flexible strategies…) and the specifics of a studio model: synergies and flow groups, value management of the portfolio, varying maturity levels, sectorial diversification.

– The performance management at the holding level comprises qualitative and quantitative indicators on the leavers that create value for each entity. The projections are aggregated and probabilised.

– The performance management at the level of each venture assumes the strategic objectives defined at the holding level, concerning the indicators specific to the activity.

– failure in maturity of the ventures is established in order to put in place the objectives and to locate the progress, notably in terms of valorisation, with solutions which are common to the participating collective.