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McGill University & BXVentures Launch FeX Energy.

BXVentures, our leading venture studio and climate tech specialist, in partnership with the Belgian university UCLouvain (Université Catholique de Louvain), is proud to announce the launch of Thermo Power Systems, a new climate tech startup.

The technology developed by Thermo Power Systems aims to substantially improve energy efficiency in industrial settings by converting wast heat into valued energy through the use of cutting-edge thermo electric generation modules.

Building upon our recent success with a prestigious European institution, this venture reinforces BxV’s conviction in the power of partnerships to advance innovation and progress in climatetech.

“The material developed by UCLouvain stands out from its competitors due to its unique combination of performance, ease of supply, low cost, non-toxicity, and wide range of application,” said Frédéric Lani (PhD), Managing Director of Thermo Power Systems. “Thanks to this and our expertise in designing and optimizing thermoelectric systems, we can address a multitude of situations with minimal impact on our clients’ operations.”

“The launch of Thermo Power Systems primarily represents the culmination of academic research proposing an innovative technological solution to two major environmental challenges: energy efficiency and resource depletion,” said Pascal Jacques, professor at the Institute of Mechanics, Materials, and Civil Engineering (iMMC) of UCLouvain.

“This initial collaboration with UCLouvain represents a genuine commitment to tangible climate solutions,” said Olivier Thirifays, Co-founder of BXVentures and Managing Director of Thermo Power Systems. “Our effective partnership with UCLouvain demonstrates our venture studio’s capability to work alongside universities to expedite the launch of new Climate Tech startups grounded in academic research.”

“UCLouvain is delighted to see the research we conducted transform into positive impacts on society, environmentally, societally, and economically,” said Jean-Christophe Renauld, Prorector for Research and Valorization. “There’s a genuine, structured flow of mutually beneficial relationships between the start-up and the university, such as the licensing agreement steered by SOPARTEC (a member of the LTTO), the funding for new research initiatives, and the utilization of the LACAMI technological platform services.”