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BXVentures, a venture studio dedicated to cleantech, has recently launched a new podcast focused on promoting sustainable technologies. The podcast, called the Cleantech Podcast, aims to highlight innovative startups and new clean technologies, while also raising awareness about the importance of these technologies in addressing the pressing challenges of climate change and environmental degradation.
Available below on BXVentures’ Website, Spotify, and YouTube.

The main goal of the Cleantech Podcast is to showcase the latest developments in sustainable technologies and to feature the startups that are leading the way in this field. By highlighting these technologies and the entrepreneurs behind them, BXVentures hopes to inspire more investment and support for cleantech innovation, and ultimately contribute to a more sustainable future.

The Cleantech Podcast has already released two episodes, featuring experts in sustainability and cleantech. The first episode was with Sybille Van De Hove, an expert in ecological economics and sustainability with nearly 30 years of experience in environmental research. The episode covered a range of topics, including the call for degrowth, nuclear energy, and the importance of new technologies in addressing environmental challenges.

The second episode featured Richard Chénier, the CEO of Centech Mtl, a leading incubator for cutting-edge technologies that was recently ranked among the top 10 most successful university incubators in the world. The episode explored the role of incubators in supporting cleantech startups and fostering innovation in the field of sustainability.

The Cleantech Podcast is available to listen to on Spotify and YouTube, and written versions of each episode are also available on the BXVentures website in both English and French.

Looking ahead, BXVentures has plans to continue producing the Cleantech Podcast on a regular basis, featuring interviews with a diverse range of experts in sustainability and cleantech. By providing a platform for these voices to be heard, BXVentures hopes to catalyze more action and investment towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Overall, the Cleantech Podcast is a valuable addition to the conversation around sustainability and cleantech, and a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about the latest innovations in this field.


Check out episodes with both Sybille Van Den Hove and Richard Chénier below!