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McGill University has announced an agreement with BxVentures Studio in Canada. As a result of this deal, a series of technology ventures will be created, helping to solve pressing environmental issues.

Our team at BXVentures Canada has identified, hidden in the labs of this prestigious University, more than 25 outstanding technologies and scientific teams that could adress cleantech issues. The traditional venture capital model is unfit to address these untapped opportunities at such an early stage. We have designed our studio model at BXVentures precisely for this kind of challenge.

McGill University, which is renowned for its excellence in research and innovation, has expressed a desire to commercialize intellectual property (IP) created in its labs and to increase the societal and environmental impact of clean technologies by establishing new spin-offs.

BXVentures, co-founded by adVentures, is Canada’s first venture studio dedicated to cleantech, creating, financing, and developing start-ups that contribute to a net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions through the use of cutting-edge technologies. With this new partnership, BXVentures will leverage McGill University’s cutting-edge fundamental and applied research to create cleantech ventures.

Adopting a “co-piloting” approach to early-stage venture building, BXVentures will maximize the potential impact of cleantech projects developed through the university’s academic research. The CEO of the Canadian arm of BXVentures, Marc Guilbert, expressed his excitement about the partnership, saying, ““By aligning with McGill University, internationally recognized for its cutting-edge fundamental and applied research, we can accelerate the launch of new research-based cleantech ventures in a wider range of fields than previously possible”.

This partnership will help BXVentures to increase the speed of execution and development of university spin-offs in the clean technology sector. The collaboration is a testament to the growing interest in cleantech solutions and the role that start-ups can play in driving the transition to a more sustainable future.

With an approach that is both local and global, BXVentures’ international footprint enables the scaling of science-based technological innovation into commercial solutions with planetary impact. Now with access to McGill’s exciting new and emerging technologies, the potential worldwide impacts of these cleantech solutions can finally be realised.

As the world faces the challenges posed by climate change and the need for a transition to a low-carbon economy, it is essential to promote and support innovative solutions in the cleantech sector. The partnership between BXVentures and McGill University is a step in the right direction towards achieving this goal with the hope of announcing their first joint endeavour in the coming months.