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Wimi has been selected by the French State! Our portfolio company, the leading sovereign and secure collaborative suite in Europe, is proud to be selected by the #France2030 State for digital collaboration, with a funding of €23 million shared among the 3 winners for the strategic field of ‘collaborative cloud office suites’.

Bruno Le Maire (Minister for Economy) stated, “I am delighted to see the success of this program in supporting the Cloud de Confiance labeling. France can be proud of its high-quality ecosystem in this area, and I will continue this ambitious policy in the service of French and European digital sovereignty.”

Jean-Noël Barrot (Minister for Digital) specifies, “SMEs and startups have an essential role to play in building the Cloud de Confiance. (…) ” and recalls one of the objectives, “to offer the highest level of data protection, particularly with regard to laws with extraterritorial scope.”

The decision was validated by the Prime Minister and was the subject of a press release issued this morning by the General Secretariat for Investment.

An excerpt from the decision letter signed by Bruno BONNELL (General Secretary for Investment FRANCE 2030) and Géraldine LEVEAU (Deputy General Secretary):

“(…) The high quality of your project was highlighted, particularly its functional coverage, the care given to the user experience, and the perspectives of SecNumCloud certification. We welcome the ambition of your project, which fully aligns with the objectives set by France 2030, particularly our desire to provide our country with high-quality sovereign digital solutions.”

Congratulations to the Wimi team, and thanks to the State decision-makers for their renewed trust! Wimi continues its trajectory, determined to become the French and European leader for sovereign and secure digital collaboration.

We also thank the partners on the project: XWiki SAS (Ludovic Dubost), LINAGORA (Michel-Marie MAUDET), Seald (Timothée Rebours), WaToo (Javier Franco Contreras), as well as Orange Business Services (Pascal SAUBION), who will accompany us in the commercialization of the Wimi suite.

The next step for Wimi is the ongoing qualification process #SecNumCloud, with ANSSI – (National Agency for the Security of Information Systems). And also, multiple innovations will soon be available…