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We would like to congratulate Léa Monet and Nicolas Granchamp for their article on “The Emergence of the Next-Generation Vaccines” published in the scientific journal “FORTUNE JOURNAL” (Archives of Clinical & Biomedical Research). Léa MONET is a student at the Polytechnique School and a former intern at GEG-TECH and Nicolas GRANDCHAMP is a leader at GEG-TECH in R&D.

The Emergence of the Next-Generation Vaccines

“Recent advances in genetic engineering are on the verge of giving birth to new-generation vaccines, in particular nucleic acid vaccines. The principle is based on the injection of DNA or mRNA, carrying the coding part of an antigen. Compared to current vaccines, these technologies shorten development times, reduce the use of adjuvants, and minimize production costs. These advantages make them a major hope in the fight against epidemics and pandemics. However, until now, although nucleic acid vaccines have been validated for use in animals, their efficacy in humans has been insufficient to meet the criteria for clinical trials. Recent advances in biotechnology are in the process of lifting these locks and paving the way for a new generation of vaccines. The GEG-Tech laboratory is working on the development of innovative genetic engineering tools to make these new vaccines safe and effective.”