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Adventures Studio is proud that, this summer, Uart became the first platform for Hotels displaying Artworks. Among the 100’000 artworks visible on Uart, Art lovers can admire artworks exhibited in more than 50 major cities around the globe.

Discover Art in Hotels

Uart’s mission is to give access to hidden Art Collections around the world. For a business traveller or an Art lover, the hotel is the first point of contact with local culture. Hotels are thus important players in the discovery of the artistic diversity of an area. The hotel is the bridge between the individuals and the city. Uart and Hotels have the same goal: show artworks that you couldn’t otherwise admire by yourself, even if you are an art connoisseur.

Uart Hotels are mostly found in Italy, the leading country in Europe for the number of private Art Collections, which includes artworks from local art galleries and international auctions houses. They focus on local artists or unknown pieces from art masters. Art hotels are a must-see for anyone interested in Art. To facilitate navigation on Uart, and encourage travelers to seek out Art hotels around them, this kind of private art collections have been gathered in the Hotels category.

It is now clear that hotels’ executives are convinced that Art is a powerful way to offer a new experience to their guests. As competition continues to grow, tourism professionals must come up with new ideas and attract demanding clients. Exhibiting Art is a way in which they can stand out from the crowd.

Uart: the Art map for travelers & Art lovers

As Uart’s goal is to give access to invisible private art collections for travelers around the world, the startup aims to publish artworks being displayed in airports, restaurants, stations and more.

Art is everywhere. During a trip, anyone can admire lots of different artworks if one knows where to find them. Thanks to the global map of art, travelers and art lovers can easily find information on Art Collections around the world. The directory will be expanded next year to include Corporate Art Collections.

It’s the beginning of the adventure for the studio, and it’s exciting that, with Uart, we really are contributing to the common good by revealing previously hidden Art.