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Since June 2016, hundreds of professionals have been published on in the domains of Finance, Strategy, Marketing, HR, Leadership & Technology, and have highly benefited from the marketplace.

Today we would like to highlight some of the best testimonials from published authors. Their enthusiasm and comments will give you an idea of the outstanding potential of our revolutionary know-how marketplace.

We would also like to thank them for trusting, contributing in multiple areas of expertise and collaborating with the Eloquens team to get such a beautiful and efficient marketplace running.

A Proven Platform!

Marcus Small (Director @

« Eloquens is a proven platform which is very simple to use. I upload my material, make expansive descriptions, then publish on the site, it could not be simpler. Eloquens take care of everything and I highly recommend the site. »

Marcus' Channel

A Trusted Marketplace

Ben Murray (SaaS CFO)

« Eloquens is a trusted marketplace to share quality content aligning with my mission to promote quality tools to the SaaS community with other SaaS experts. It provides another channel for me to help SaaS founders and startups. I love the real-time content stats and would recommend to other content and training publishers. »

Ben's Channel

Makes Life Easier For More People

Alexander Jarvis (Founder @50Folds)

« Eloquens is a great idea to solve the problem so many people have with finding the tools they want! 75% of all startup is the same, so why Reinvent the Wheel when someone has done it already? I use Eloquens to share both my paid and free tools and extend what I do to help make life easier for more people. »

Alexander's Channel

Distributive. Binding. Competitive.

Henry Sheykin (CEO & Founder FinModelLabs)

« Distributive. Binding. Competitive. All about through my prism. My first and foremost objective on Eloquens is to share the knowledge I have. And the most exciting thing about it is that this sharing process is mutual. So, pragmatically, Eloquens is not just a platform to share yourself but also to absorb yourself. I benefit from Eloquens as an additional high-end channel to draw attention to the financial models I create. My portfolio here works as a proof of my competence and a hook for the potential customers. Certainly, it serves to the advantage of the business-makers of any scope or level. On this behalf, I strongly recommend others to enjoy the service to the full. »

Henry's Channel

The Best Marketplace I have Seen

Jason Varner (Freelancer)

« I am using Eloquens to be able to share logical architectures that can be used to forecast various business models.The benefits for me are networking and monetary gains from purchases. I would recommend Eloquens as the best marketplace site I have seen for tutorials/financial models. »

Jason's Channel

Solving A Need That I Had

Lance Rubin (Founder @ModelCitzn)

« Eloquens is solving a need that I had in terms of hosting my Excel models, which I didn’t really want to host locally on my website, but rather link to another platform. The public exposure and support, including notifications when members download my models, is great feedback that I am actually helping a broader community understand and develop their modeling skills. »

Lance's Channel