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In it’s mission to make the best ready-to-use know-how accessible to all business professionals, our Marketplace Startup, has opened a new HR & Leadership Category. initially started by focusing on recruiting new authors in Finance & Strategy (more than 50 categories already opened), and is now testing the opening of more “Soft Skill” based categories.

Indeed, successful recruiting & team management is based on quite a number of proven methods and tips, ranging from the good use of frameworks to having the adapted attitude with teammates.

This new HR & Leadership Category has many sub-categories and tools including:

  • HR Templates
  • Interview Tips
  • Recruiting Tips
  • Leadership Tips
  • Productivity Tips
  • Job Description Templates
  • CV/Resume Templates
  • etc.

With this new category, now has 7 main categories (Finance, Strategy, Marketing, Legal, Startups, Technology, HR & Leadership) ranging from technical subjects to soft skills were thousands of business professionals can both upload and download thousands of ready-to-use tools.

More news and product developments will be rolled out in the coming months. Stay tuned!