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Eloquens is one of our great companies from adVentures startup studio. Eloquens’ mission is to share the best ready-to-use knowledge across the globe.

Among the many themes covered on Eloquens: SaaS business models.

SaaS has become over the last years a very popular business model to deliver software services. Highly successful companies, such as SalesForce, have emerged, and thousands of tech companies, from startups to software giants, have shifted their business strategy towards SaaS.

How to design a successful SaaS business model? What are the best practices, key performance indicators, business model core features, financial ratios?

Today we are pleased to introduce to you a short selection among a much longer list of great authors sharing their SaaS expertise on Eloquens.

brandon marker


Managing Partner at Point Nine Capital

amit karp


Principal at Notley Ventures

david skok


Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners


christoph janz eloquens


General Partner at Matrix Partners