Eloquens has 400 tools online!

Eloquens has now 400 tools

Eloquens, the marketplace for professional tools was born in June 2016. Today, one year after the launch, 400 tools are available for download on the platform! Categorised into 4 sections; Marketing, Finance, Startups and Strategy – Eloquens helps professional from all around the world achieve more in less time, at a an affordable price.

With qualitative and ready-to-use tools for 400 different purposes, Eloquens is growing strong!

Discover three of our most popular tools:

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model eloquens

A step by step discounted cash flow analysis tutorial (DCF model)


Value Creation Roadmap

Value Creation Roadmap eloquens

Show your concept/business/project/startup development on an ascending graph roadmap.


Leveraged Buyout Analysis LBO Excel Model

Leveraged Buyout Analysis LBO Excel Model eloquens

A step by step LBO analysis tutorial and LBO model Excel template