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Maddyness’ article about Wimi and Sephora

We show gratitude to Maddyness, a French startup news magazine which published an article about Wimi: our digital collaboration platform is appreciated by Sephora. You can read it in French here or read a summary in English in the Wimi blog here. The article discusses Wimi’s development, Data Security, Patriot Act but also Digital Transformation. Maddyness says that Wimi has managed to seduce over 50 000 organizations, including Total, Tesla or Banque de France. Wimi’s purpose is to empower teams and enhance team productivity.

A discussion with Polytechnique’s students about the startup studio model

Antoine Duboscq and the adVentures Startup Studio team would like to thank the students of X (Polytechnique, France) for the kind welcome to their school for a discussion about the startup studio model. We were glad to see the excitement about entrepreneurship here. Trading rooms, consulting firms, and CAC 40 groups are not the only ways to succeed. France needs young graduates from X (and elsewhere) to take risks and create great groups of entrepreneurs.

adVentures Startup Studio launches Eloquens!

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of

Eloquens’ mission is to share ready-to-use knowledge. We want to help professionals to succeed by creating a platform which allows to share and to download useful business tools in Strategy, Finance, Marketing, and Startups.

Eloquens’ Managing Director is Timothée Demoures, a French Entrepreneur, former PwC Strategy& Consultant, passionate about building new innovative global ventures and graduate of EDHEC Business School.

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Hiscox’s interview of Uart’s CEO

Hiscox is the first partner of Uart, the Social Network dedicated to Art. Hiscox is a specialist insurer with over 100 years experience. Moreover, they interviewed Uart’s CEO, Anne-Constance Launay. You can find the interview here. Miss Launay discussed Uart’s concept and goals, artists’ notoriety and communication, digitalization of art and the main challenges of the global Art Market.

For Uart’s CEO, digital transition is the number one challenge for the Art Market and that is why she had the idea of creating the first collaborative platform for art lovers and all art stakeholders.

Meet Antoine Duboscq at Master Class Entrepreneurs

Meet Antoine Duboscq, CEO of adVentures Startup Studio, for this new edition of Master Class Entrepreneurs at the Welcome City Lab of Paris & Co on January 11th, 2016

We will discuss the start-up studio as an emerging model.

Master Class Entrepreneurs is organized by the students of MS Centrale Essec in France and by Paris Incabuteur. Its objective is to organize meetings with experienced entrepreneurs for people to learn from their background experiences and expertise.

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We hope to see you there.

Wimi in Les Echos

On July 13th, 2015, Les Echos, a well-known and renowned French newspaper published an article about regional banks, which are at the forefront of crowdfunding. The article mentions Wimi, the all-in-one solution for collaborative work.

Indeed, Wimi was granted a venture loan, which is an “at-risk” innovative loan from Wormser Frères. This type of loan is given to young promising companies. adVentures Startup Studio is thankful to see one of its startups in Les Echos’ newspaper!

You will find below the extract from the newspaper:

Extrait les echos wimi