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Our mission: build future leaders on global niche markets

Antoine Duboscq (Founder of adVentures)


“adVentures gathers a growing team of highly talented people driving our startup businesses with passion.”

Building global niche leaders

The world economy is being deeply transformed by technology, creating a myriad of business opportunities. Those with the right methods, talent and experience are in a position to build global market leaders.

Since 2010 our business-building team spots opportunities and creates successful ventures, with a focus on innovative models in the Collaborative Economy. We believe in talent, honesty, creativity, hard work and business agility.

A common theme: the Collaborative Economy

We only engage into projects bringing significant added value to Society.  We do not build companies on a “me-too” model or for pure tactical reasons. We are proud of every single one of our creations. Each of our ventures, contributes to the collaborative economy. We strongly believe in sharing ressources as one of the most powerful ways to create value while enhancing people’s lives. 


An entrepreneurial talent pool 

adVentures gathers a team of highly talented people who drive our businesses with passion. We organize the day-to-day collaboration between geeks, MBAs, digital marketers, scientists, salespeople …

This model enables us to build creative strategies, execute them efficiently, swiftly pivot when appropriate, and generate synergies across the portfolio.

Establishing lasting relationships with investors

As we develop each company, after it has achieved its first milestones we open the capital to a limited set of investment partners. We look for investors sharing our vision, with a reputation for integrity, an appetite for premium returns, and willing to diversify their investment portfolio. 

We seek to establish lasting relationships with our investors. Our goal is to offer them good returns on each investment, and suggest new opportunities when they arise.

adVentures  is strongly committed in the Genetic Engineering field. We invest in technologies and talents. We continuously grow our international network with leading scientific teams around the globe.

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